Student ID / Lunch ID#First NameLast Name

Braddock, Robert8th Grade Test Completion8th43
Anatra, NathanFinish Test Corrections- Due Today8Room 10
Holloway, SydneyCharacterization and Setting Tutorial - Anyone from my classes!78
Pradt, Roxann7th gr.- Finish B6- test and 6th gr .Finish B7 Test6/741
Bitterly, CurtAll 7th and 8th Grade Field Event Participants Only (Boys)7, 8Boys Gym
Bush, MonicaScience Priority: INVITE ONLY!!!842
Cobb, CraigMakeup Work7th26
Gorden, DoreePLOT Review, Foreshadowing0706
Ervin, Michael20-Minute ECR75
Evans, MeganRun-on sentences 61
Farrell, ChristyArea of Parallelogram Triangle and Trapezoid629
Flanagan, GracieInvited Girls only! Girls’ Track Relay Practice7/809
Gross, ChristianStain Glass Tissue Project7th or 8th48
Gross, SarahPhysics Test Corrections853
Harvey, Heath400 and 1600 m relays7th / 8thTrack
Irick, Grace8th Grade Cheer 8th 21
Kellam, AdamArts and Crafts- Eco Poster7th38
Suffron, JeffMakeup work7, 833
Long, MickeyMake up work and Imagine Math8th31
Matusek, JohnStudy hall - Construction students only7/842
Morrow, StefanTest Prep - 6th, 7th or 8th period ONLY7th 24
Munsart, CourtneySight-Reading Test Out ONLY6,7,846 choir room
Nelson, AngelaFriday - Character Profile Project!8Room 4
Newton, BethInvited Girls Only: Girls' Track Relay Practice6-8 31A
Rodriguez, Erica Finish Test and Any Projects839
Smith, BrittniMD Fracts/Decimals ALG:quadratics636
Smith, SaraGirls Track Only730
Burden, EvanSight-Reading Pass Offs ONLY6,7,8Choir room
Satterwhite, KevinCircles Quiz Corrections7th28
Wells, HeathFinish South Asia Test/Review622
Flores, CrisceldaMD Fractions and Decimals632
Babb/Winnkickball girls only7-8Girls Gym
Calaway, KatieRoom 11- Lexia, Silent Reading, ELA help- My students only Library
Harness, TammieImagine Math (must be in one of my classes); CC with materials and passing6-825
Buchorn, TrevorSocial Skills - (My students ONLY)6,7,855
Cardenas/Sanchez (RTI)room next to ISS!AllAdd Room 2
CrawfordLexia Reading 6-8Cafeteria