Student IDFirst NameLast Name

Irick, GExpository (OREO Plan)6 1
Painter, AFailing Grades62
Serna, VFlowers Corrections/ Book reports ONLY!!84
Tucker, JTucker's Group85
Fox, MFor those drowning in zeros. 76
Scott, KAppositives Reteach77
Mitchell, CLexia program/Make-up work6 - 89
Anatra, NReading Maps\Make up Work610
Harness, TImagine Math / Homework help 7-811
Jones, RKahoots and makeups/corrections812
Taylor, LReform Activity821
Rayos, P6th SS Make-up/AVID622
Yeargan, DRoom 11 Make up work 6th grade only 6 23
McCollough, C.Complete make up work724
Cobb, C 726
Carter, JMath - Closed - STAAR Review628
Farrell, CCorrections and missing work729
McNally, EMath make up work6,78
Martinez, RSixth Grade Math Tutorials631
Long, M8th Missing work832
Ward, CTeen Leadership - Chicken Soup for the Soul Reading Lab 103
Nguyen, HCorrections/Make-up/Tutorials6-836
Wells, HContinents adrift video with answer sheet638
Ratliff, LGet Well Cards for Nancy Gutierrez Gonzalez839
Mohle, TMake up work641
Swor, KCLOSED-Finish Bundle 9 Test 742
Martinez, MSTEM Rm 52 - Learning to Code643
Montgomery / KangSHR Leads (bring headphones!!)646
Petry / JohnstonBAND STUDY HALL647
Becker, KArt I and Art II Missing work or Work on Letter7,848
Matusek, JIndust. Tech7 / 849
DavenportORCHESTRA Study Hall -Orchestra Kids only6/7/850
Soto, SScience room Moles Lab - IPC only843
Addicks, MScience- BUNDLE 9 Test ONLY 753
Washington / BowmanSilent Reading - BOYS GYM. Not a checkout time. Bring book with you.6 - 899
Harvey / HarrellStudy Hall - Boys Only Cafeteria 6 - 8Cafateria
WinnStudy Hall - Girls Only- Lab 101 101
Flanagan, GExpository Writing/ make-up work630
Newton, B:7th/8th Grade Missing Assignments631